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 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 

The geotechnical engineering laboratory of IIT Ropar was established in the year 2017. Currently, the geotechnical engg. lab has all major equipment required for UG teaching as well as for consultancy and research. Very recently, two major advanced equipment namely Cyclic Triaxial Test equipment and Resonant Column Equipment have installed in the lab. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-28 at
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-28 at

Cyclic Triaxial Equipment in the Geotech Lab of IIT Ropar

Resonant Column Equipment in the Geotech Lab of IIT Ropar

The geotechnical engineering division also has state of the art facility for carrying out numerical and computational studies. We have commercial finite element software packages such as PLAXIS (2D & 3D), GEOSTUDIO FLAC 3D for modelling problems such as consolidation, bearing capacity and slope stability problems using numerical approaches. The geotechnical engineering division has also procured discrete element based packages such as 3DEC and EDEM. 

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