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Book & Book Chapters

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  2. Sitharam, T. G., Naveen James, and Sreevalsa Kolathayar. (2018)."Comprehensive Seismic Zonation Schemes for Regions at Different Scales.” Springer

  3. Sitharam, T. G., and Naveen James. (2018). "GIS-Based Macrolevel Landslide Hazard Zonation Using, Newmark’s Methodology. “In Integrating Disaster Science and Management-Global Case Studies in Mitigation and Recovery (pp. 329-342). Elsevier.

  4. Sitharam, T. G., Vipin, K. S., and Naveen James. (2018). "Recent Advances in Soil Dynamics Relevant to Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering.” In Advances in Indian Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (pp. 203-228). Springer

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